You are entering the home of Demitrios. I bid you all;
SIRS, MASTERS, boys, slaves and every conceivable variation thereof,
welcome home!

"The older gay man who worships youth for youth's sake is blind to the beauty of his own age.
A man who takes care of his body is gorgeous and sexy no matter how old he is."
- Charles Fogarty



I am Greek-Italian, with some Turk and North African thrown in for good measure, 54, 5'10" 162, 31"W; 43"C; 16"A. I am a former leatherboy. I am a native of Brooklyn NYC, but have relocated and now live in Wilton Manors, South FLorida. I do get to NYC on occasion. I workout at MAIN STREET GYM in South Florida anywhere from 3 to 5 times per week. I am both pierced <12 Gauge Lorum> and inked, consisting of 3 Far Eastern symbols representing COURAGE, WISDOM, STRENGTH; along with 12 stars representing principles of Buddhism and a comet encompassing my shoulder and down my back. MY new addition is 41 stars on my right arm to my shoulder representing my friends who died from HIV disease and the other two stars represent my parents. The last addition represents the very symbol of Buddhism; namely, the Wheel of Life which is located on my upper back in the center between my shoulders. I am also a student of Tibetan Buddhism and am learning much from my journey, not only in life but in the studies I am presently undertaking. I live a very healthful lifestyle and I seek the same from my friends or leatherfolk in my life!

I enjoy having a good time. I prefer not to have a severe look. I take pleasure in pleasure; having a good laugh (even at my own expense) and don't take anything in life too seriously for it all passes by! I guess the boy in me is still alive and well. I glorify and love that time in my life because I learned so much and had so much fun. I will go further to say that the BEST parts of me are THAT boy and I work at never losing that no matter how I old I am blessed to become. Much of what existed then is all but gone and I am not sure things are better; just very different! I dont accept what I see or even like it very much. A part of me remains a leatherboy and I feel that the mischieviousness, playfulness, Tazmanian devilishness and comical parts of me are still that boy which remains alive and well! I have learned over the years, through very difficult and challenging experiences, to roll with the punches; to communicate effectively and to respect anyone who comes into my life. I try DAMN hard not to judge any ONE person specifically, for I have no right to do so. I prefer to focus in on who I am with, giving him my personal best for the time I am there. One other VERY important point I need to interject here is that I do NOT consider myself a MASTER. That word, MASTER, is often more misused and abused than any boy I have ever known. In reality, there are VERY few Masters. If you need to know what a MASTER is, go to your dictionary and look up its meaning. If the man you know does NOT evoke MOST of those qualities contained in that meaning than he likely is NOT a Master. The title MASTER, is usually *GIVEN* to those leathermen who are RECOGNIZED as such by their peers and contemporaries, NOT a self inflicted title by someone who has an overinflated ego. I often call them, legends in their own minds! Unfortunately there are many of them running around doing a significant amount of damage to guys who dont know the difference.

I have learned over the years to cherish my friendships and my manboys deeply, whether in or out of leather, for I have learned something, either positive or negative, from each one of them. Even a negative experience doesnt necessary leave one scarred. It all depends on what you CHOOSE to take from it. As long as you have learned what you need not do again, then the experience, although negative, produced a positive effect, evolving you into a better person because of it. Through struggle and risk taking there is growth, always! I recently heard a saying that I have adopted for myself. One must climb out on a limb for thats where the fruit usually IS.

Being in the leather community for over 30 years I have discovered one truth among many; the GREATNESS of being a boy is his surrender to the SIR he cares for; the GREATNESS of a SIR is the caring and love he gives to the boy who serves him WELL!! It would appear (for the most part), THAT belief doesnt exist any longer either. It's all about the mechanics of sex and getting off and this goes for both SIRS AND boys because neither one are willing to commit to anything more than an hour or a weekend because all you have to do is go on the net and find your next one hour (or weekend) fling. Many more options to find what you want; yes, but more bonding relationships; NO. Easier yes but better? Easier is NOT necessarily better.


The only real way to know anyone is to spend real life time together, getting to know who the person is over a PERIOD of time, not 48 hours, and then decide for yourself if he is indeed the kind of guy you wish to know. Leathermen DO DATE. You can also email, which is not as good as real time but if you live half way around the world or the USA its better than nothing, but remember that is IS limited. I dont believe in cyber ANYTHING or phone anything. Cyberboy, cyberMaster, cyberslave, cyber this, cyber that. IT amounts to getting off; PERIOD. Even in reading my words on this site, is still limited. I have found that the internet; chat groups, chat rooms do have their place; as initial contacts, but for anything of substance to develop, nothing short of real time face to face works over the long haul! You can truly never know who you are with until you spend time with that individual. I know quite a few guys who initiated a relationship on line then decided to move half way across the USA lock, stock n barrel. A few weeks later this hot affair was over and it always ended up that the boy needed to get out and find his own place.

Personally, I am in charge within the bedroom and guiding outside of the bedroom. I dont wish to control every move or action the boy makes, but I do enjoy guiding him. A slave however, DOES have all of his actions and moves controlled. I actually enjoy a spirited and feisty boy ( I should know because I WAS one). Not only does it keep life interesting, it gives me the opportunity to mold him to fit the things I need from him, yet keep his interest in me and his spirit alive and positive! I enjoy working with the uniqueness of each boy. That raw talent should be honored and refined, not destroyed. When you destroy that, you destroy the essence of the boy who is coming to you, and then, why even bother. He is no longer what you found attractive in the first place! How many so called leathermen find someone then they do everything to change who the boy is. Why would anyone do that? just go find someone else rahter than playing headgames on a guy who you dont like AS he is.

Any boy with me can expect a variety of service; however the mechanics of service (or sex) is not nearly as important as the bond that develops between us, OVER TIME. I will expand his limits and open him up to new experiences. To put it simply are the these words: I lead and guide and you follow me.

The realities of life are more than just reading and acting out the fantasies of a hot story in a leather magazine. Any boy who is collared, can be expected to do for me in many ways ranging from cooking to occasionally wearing what I want him to wear and keeping me informed when he goes out with friends; where he goes and what he's doing (he is allowed to have a life, a job and friends but I am to know his whereabouts). When we go out, either separately, together, or when he is working, he will wear some sort of token article, such as a collar or restraint to remind him that he belongs to me. He does NOT turn over his paycheck to me (if we live together then the bills are split 50/50); he does NOT have to be my maid; I can pay for one. He does NOT perform sexually for anyone, PERIOD. There are no group sex parties of ANY kind, sex orgies or bathhouses. There are too many sexually transmitted diseases and too many men out there who dont give a damn about what disease, parasite, virus or bacteria they pass on to you as long as they get off, and to me, this is NOT what its all about and its certainly not what the leather community is to me. If the boy has needs other than being with me then these issues must be discussed at length before he is EVER given a collar. Since I have only collared 6 boys in over 20 years I do not hand out collars as souveniers; nor will you ever get one after spending ONE weekend with me because you were hot sex. IF you want a souvenier go to the Empire State Building and buy one!! What I have just described to you is called a relationship; NOT a weekend trick where you play act by giving a collar to a total stranger. Thats ignorant and there are ALOT of ignorant men out there.

MOST importantly, is love, respect and devotion. The love and respect you have for the man who serves you well will take you far provided you both communicate to each other effectively and frequently.


I created these pages so that you may learn something a bit about the man I am and how I was raised as a leatherboy by an Old Guard SIR. I also want you to understand what the leather community means to me; my likes and dislikes, what I look for in boys who TRULY desire to surrender and what I require from them. There are plenty of places on the Internet for those who are interested in pics, sex websites and links to a 1000 S&M rings. I am not into bells and whistles nor do I care about awards from groups, counters of how many hits my site received or animated pics of guys having sex or showing off big steroided muscles. The mechanics of how you tie a knot, flog, screw, bondage, how much leather you wear or who you get off with, however many, dont make a relationship. They make for sex and thats about it.

The leather community to me has always meant family. We tend to rally around each other and come to anothers aid when he is in trouble. It is not uncommon for a leatherman to open his home up to another leatherman even if he is only an acquaintance because there is an unspoken brotherhood already established. I have taken leatherboys in off the street; NOT for sex but to clean them up and send them back home. These young men were abused by their so called Daddies and told to use crystal meth, then thrown out when Daddy got tired of the sex or was too strung out to get it up anymore. I wonder how many of those who consider themselves REAL Leathermen would actually do that for a boy in need especially when there wasnt something in it for them? Not much of a community in my opinion. In the community that I know of and knew, there is a special comradery that you do not often see in the gay community at large. Where I part company, however, is in the area of how FAST and cheap sex has become. It appears now-a-days that everything is a SCENE. Bondage scene, sex scene, leather scene, fisting scene, this a scene that a scene everywhere a scene scene. You want a scene go to a damn Broadway show! We have lost MOST of the traditions I grew up with as a leatherboy. Relationships are disposable and intimacy takes a sad backdrop to getting off, or in other words, sex simply for sex sake; to get off, nothing more.

When a deeper connection is desired, the union between a SIR and his boy is a very special and tight bond. There is a certain understanding and communication that is unique to that type of relationship. I had a boy just the other day say to me that he views vanilla relationships in the gay community as "too straight". Problems arrise when the boy fails to communicate or the SIR begins to abuse the boy.

I feel that the biggest misconception viewed by others is our seemingly brutal and often vicious methods in dealing with sex and doling out punishment, bondage, and/or discipline. I have heard many over the years, including myself when I was a boy, that within that pain is an overwhelming pleasure that has released a freedom and extacy that is beyond human language. It reaches beyond a physical orgasm into areas that I cannot describe except to say, for me it was like breathing in the fresh ocean air on a hot summers day, feeling the heat of the sun on my body and reaching a climax all at the same time; and yet it was more; so much more. It is a total and pure unadulterated surrendering of the body, mind and soul for the boy to place his being into his SIRS hands! Sir and boy feed off of each other and as time progresses the feedings become larger, for a sense of trust strengthens and a knowledge of how to eat from one another becomes familiar and thus the bond which was established grows stronger.


I chose to begin with boys first since I have the utmost respect for them, and, being a boy myself for a long period of time (10 yrs) to one man, I understand how difficult it can be at times to follow orders and do as you're told. Its one thing to sit there and tell everyone what to do but quite another to get off your ass and do it, even if you dont want to; and, having been in that position, I understand things from a boys point of view in an intimate manner.

IT is VERY important for the boy to communicate his limits, special needs and concerns (such as HIV) to the man he wishes to surrender or submit to. I have found too many men out there who have no clue on what to do, who log in one day and decide to be a top or because they have steroided muscles and are big built, that they are the one to be in charge with absolutely no idea of anything, other than sticking their wanker up a mans butt. Then there are those who are young and at the ripe old age of 18 they call themselves MASTERS even though they are still in high school and living with mommy n daddy. The boys must be especially cautious since they can be physically hurt or psychologically damaged by these idiots. I have heard of many stories from guys who had this happen, by so called Masters in their 20's who up and decided that this was who they were without any training other than reading a book or looking through a leather magazine.

Boys also need to be EXTREMELY careful if they are HIV negative and the SIR is positive since one slip up and you can become easily infected. You need to make SURE not to allow anyone tie you up who may then penetrate you when you have no way to get out. Its AS important even if BOTH parties are positive since the virus mutates and if it becomes resistant to all meds, you face an uncertain future! The final decision is up to you but PLEASE think about this before you act..Once you become infected with HIV to which there is still no cure, the side effects of the meds are toxic and the cost is 2 to 4000 dollars a month; so you'd better have good health insurance! In addition, there are other viruses out there, much MORE aggressive than HIV; such as hepatitus A, B, C (A and B have vaccines and you NEED to get them NOW; Hep C has no vaccine OR real treatment and is VERY severe, leading to cancer and liver shutdown which = death). Can be spread by sucking, rimming, fucking; basically blood and semen (cum). The next is herpes which is also forever (HHV) Human Herpes Virus, where your penis (head and/or shaft) breaks out in painful oozing sores from time to time and it IS spread VERY easily. You can get this from sucking OR if you even just lie back and have someone suck YOU and you do NOTHING BACK! It can be spread by kissing also and unprotected anal sex. The next less serious is (HPV) Human Papilloma Virus or the more common name, genital warts, anal warts. these are also very contagious and can be spread just from rubbing your genitals on each other. Do your research, read up, and educate yourself on how to protect your health! There are indeed other ways of catching these diseases but remember, they ARE called Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) and are mostly spread by sexual contact and therefore am limiting my expose to this.

If you are a boy looking for a relationship rather than a quick lay, then you need to NOT give yourself to just anyone who wants to use you. I have found that when you give yourself too fast, you get kicked to the curb the next day or the next week and its time to move on crap. If you only want to trick and go from bed to bed thats fine, just dont bitch about the fact that you cant find anyone, because you dont find a partner based on how well you perform in bed. No matter HOW incredible you are, the newness WEARS OFF, PERIOD! DONT allow ANY so called MASTER or SIR use you unless he has intentions of training you for permanent keep or unless you dont mind being used and let go or you are not seeking a relationship. Again the choice is yours. Whatever your choice, dont bitch. Either go after what you truly seek or shut up when things dont go your way. NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, is THAT special.

Meeting the prospective SIR for the first time should be done in public. Make sure someone knows where you are with an address and phone number. If the SIR doesnt provide this and wants all YOUR information but doesnt offer his, then back off. Dont meet in secluded places or hotel rooms unless someone knows where you are. I have known my share of boys who were beaten severely and a few raped and infected so avoid this. Several have been killed when the situation went bad. Leather S&M has very honorable men but its difficult to decide whos honorable and whos a nut job. Is best to err on the side of caution.

The last aspect for the boys I wish to address is the touchy subject of the SIR already having a long term lover; especially when one is into leather and one isnt. Many times those already involved have grown sexually tired of each other, so one partner goes out and explores his sexuality in order to spice it up since he isnt getting it from his lover. He finds a submissive boy to use hence his journey into leather. It appears that most of these men who have long term partners end up as SIRS for whatever reason. DO these ever evolve ino anything long term? Hard question to answer. I know some who left their long time vanilla companion for their destiny to be with the boy of choice, but much of the time its just a short term affair. Usually the vanilla parter gets really pissed off and forces the hand of the leatherSIR with the boy to dump that boy. (Who's in charge of who here, SIR or the vanilla parter?)

In ending, I cannot stress to you boys out there to take heed on these issues. Be prudent in who you give your body to and combine following your heart, your head and your dick into one and dont let one win out over the other. As we say in Greek, you dont look for pearls in shit; neither should YOU!


It took me a long time to think about this section. I feel that the responsibility of being in charge; teaching, guiding and leading anyone is an enormous task; let alone coupling that with someone you are involved in a relationship. It is so much more than what goes on in the bedroom; although it would appear now-a-days that nothing other than what goes on in the bedroom with the most amount of guys to play with is the beginning and the end all of who we are as leathermen.

Your obligations as SIR to your sub are great indeed. You represent authority; sexually and otherwise, and it is NOT something to be taken lightly. If you want to embark on this journey, you cannot wake up on a Monday morning and feel like being someones top, declare yourself a MASTER, make up a screen name, go on line, and behave as if you know what the hell you're doing. The damage you can cause can be permanent to the boy; both on a physical as well as emotional and mental level.

To those that are indeed serious about embarking on this journey need to do their research. There are so many varying points of view out there today that it would be good for you to go to leather runs, meetings, events and find out where you feel at ease. Can you experiment sexually; of course, and you can also learn from some good bottom boys who have plenty of experience, aside from other SIRS. Some men are naturally dominant and they can make good Daddies/SIRS, provided they leave themselves open to learn and grow. The community isnt all that big so if you get a bad rep as a SIR, understand that the word WILL get around. People naturally talk. On the other hand if you have a good rep, that gets around also.

ITs important to learn about technique in bondage, electro, wax, w/s, ff, flogging just to mention a few. You need to know the "how to's" so you dont hurt anyone. Dont feel embarrassed..ask.

As you know, there are many more bottom boys out there than good SIRS or ANY kind of SIR for that matter so you will have a field day in choosing from all the pups out there. Dont ever let a boy wrest control from you; for any reason. IF the boy tops from the bottom then the entire dynamics of the relationship change; and if thats what you want, then its ok. If the boy is sick, make sure it is YOU who sends him to bed before he can opt to go there for himself. Being affectionate is fine as well as kissing him. However, there are many boys out there who are experienced and know how to manipulate their SIRS by cajoling, nagging, intimidating among others. I once had a boy who had hiv and used every means at his disposal to get his way; using the hiv card to get away with EVERYTHING. There was nothing wrong with his physical health and he tried to intimidate and bully me. To say the least, the boy is LONG gone out of my service. As SIR, you can take your boys suggestions into account as well as his feelings and even ask him for advice if you feel it would be practical and appropriate, but most times, the decisions are yours. Hoever, in my personal opinion, try to keep the boy in mind though when you make decisions, even if you dont tell him or admit to it. Keep in mind that there are so many subleties in any relationship that it would be beyond the scope of this site to address every issue.

Always respect the man who serves you well. It pisses me off to see these so called Masters treat their animals better than a human being who is taking care of them. You can be whatever you wish to be toward the boy but do so with respect, even when you feel sadistic. I like to call it *benevolent sadism*. Feed into your boys fetishes. Give him his needs and you will be served WELL! I was told about 10 yrs ago by a Master who visited NYC from Los Angeles (he had 4 slaveboys) that, "a good MASTER is the slave to his boys needs."

COLLARS (collaring)

A collar is of course circular. It is an outward sign of a commitment given to the boy by his Master or Sir. It is similar in meaning to a wedding ring but worn around the neck instead of the finger. IT is NOT given after an hour trick or a weekend tryst. The collar signifies that the boy belongs to that SPECIFIC man to be guided and treated with respect; NOT abused.

I know of a guy who actually keeps a collar in the trunk of his car just in case he finds some unsuspecting boy who knows no better and gives the collar "just because". Its his way of getting laid and making that boy feel special but of course theres no real value behind this since that collar has had more performances than Cats on Broadway. There are quite a few guys who fall for this because they have no one out there to teach them what a scam artist this guy is pulling on them just to get off.

The next bit of garbage is the Engagement Collar. I actually have no clue as to what the guy was talking about. This boy's Sir used this term and in all my 33yrs I have NEVER heard of it. MY opinion on this given what the boy told me was that he wouldnt really put out until he felt that SIR was giving the boy a genuine committment, so SIR made up the name, gave him this chain and called it an engagement collar. I advised the boy who didnt take my advisement and 3 weeks later SIR got what he wanted and he dumped the boy. Idiots like this who refer to themselves as SIRS make it extremely difficult and frustrating for the rest of us who ARE genuine.

The final story I am putting on here ( I have many many others ) I heard from a good friend of mine whos a good boy and title holder. This is about a Master and his slave who wanted a collar. The slave found a collar that looked SO good on him that the Master decided that it in fact did look good on him so the slave was allowed to buy his collar and wear it. I laughed so hard I almost pissed my jeans. When does ANY sub, let alone a slave, get to pick out and BUY his own collar and where does the slave get off REQUESTING to have one because it looks SO good on him and when does the slave get to try on various collars?? My final question. Whats wrong with this entire picture???

I was taught that a collar was usually given AFTER a significant amount of time had passed and usually the SIR MAKES the collar for the boy. Its NOT a designer collar of couture. As for myself, I buy the raw materials, chain, leather etc and I make the collar for the boy. Some SIRS will choose to have a formal ceremony and others will do it privately. In addition there are usually two collars; one for when the boy is at home or with friends or at a bar or club, and one for when the boy goes or work and cant wear the more substantial collar due to work restrictions.

As for myself, I still wear my former SIRS collar which is 18K gold and given to me after knowing him for 25 years. The collar, which you may be able to see in my photos, will NEVER come off until he dies. Even though I am not his boy, I wear it out of respect for that man who taught me everything I now know. I still refer to him as SIR and there are still certain behaviors and conducts I still adhere to even after 33 years of knowing him. I will discuss these in the PROTOCOL section below.

In closing this section, if you dont understand the difference between a weekend trick and long term training, you have no business either giving out a collar or accepting one. You dont throw around a collar anymore than you would throw around the word AIDS, Hepatitus C, or love.


The word protocol seems to be a dirty concept. IT appears that its a virtual free for all with everyone doing anything they wish to do with whoever they want to do it with. There is a sense of utter disrespect for the very word relationship. SIRS can leave their boys and screw around with whoever they wish and coerce the boy to screw around with someone the boy doesnt like simply because THEY CAN.

Boys want to go off and have other play partners for whatever reason. They have boyfriends, husbands, lovers AND their SIR. Now I was in a polyamorous family with 4 other boys but my SIR didnt trick around with anyone and neither did the boys. When I mention the word Leather Family, honor and protocol, you would have thought I wished someone AIDS.

I have gone into leather events, bars or Runs and if they see me with an attractive boy they will go right up to him and grab his ass without ANY thought to the fact that this guy is with me. On the other hand I have had boys come right up to me even when I am with someone and will almost push the guy out of their way to talk to me and ignore them. There is a TOTAL lack of judgment and respect because, after all, ALL leathermen are pigs and in it only for sex, right? I find the majority of men who refer to themselves as leathermen to be ignorant because they have never been taught protocol in social situations. I prefer to call them men wearing leatherdrag for the sake of getting off. Thats all it is.

There are certain comoon sense guidelines in various social situations. If SIR wishes to converse with someone, he usually sends his boy to ask the guy to come over. SIR NEVER disrespects his boy by constantly wanting other guys to screw. Thats downright obnoxious and toxic. Flirting is one thing but demanding the boy accept a total stranger and trick just because thats what SIR wants for the moment is UNACCEPTABLE and the boy should judge for himself if this was a one time thing or is this a consistent pattern. Usually its a consistent pattern. The boy needs to decide if he wishes to tolerate a SIR who wants every boy he sees. Those dynamics will always cause a relationshsip to fail.

Then there are the boys who have *other* relationships. How in Gods name can a boy wish to serve BUT have other relationships where his attention isnt focused on his SIR because he has spread himself out with other men? Over the long run these relationships usually dont work because SOMEONE has to be the primary relationship and if the SIR tolerates that he ISN'T the FIRST priority then I question how much of a SIR he actually is. For single boys, it is fine to approach a SIR with respect, not a comment on his genitals or muscles. Yeah it will get you sex (maybe), if thats all you want, but if you dont respect yourself dont expect him to respect you or want anything else from you but yer ass..and then dont bitch about the fact you cant find anyone when you got yer as all over the city givin' it away. Any relationship worth anything takes time and effort and is not based on yer sexual gymnastics.

In closing this section, if there's a lack of protocol within the SIR/boy dynamics, the relationship usally changes into a non SIR/boy dynamic. I cannot stress enough the importance of protocol because when you break that dynamic, you change the bond and you can never go back to what you lost. Usually by this point both guys are seeking other play buds/tricks/relationships and usaully with other men that HAVE the dynamic that they lost with the original partner.


Many into this lifestyle are under the assumption that training refers to sexual and nothing more. With many men I have encountered, when someone refers to training it usually means what the SIR likes in bed; his wants, needs and fetishes. Since most of life is lived outside of bed, training refers to the submissive and how he needs to be taught (trained) to his SIR's needs and wants. Each persons technique varies greatly but there is common ground. Training/teaching share core values that the submissive be treated with respect. Being beaten only serves the purpose to serve out of fear not loyalty, love or devotion and over the long haul it usually doesnt work or last unless of course the submissive ENJOYS pain and being beaten. The specifics of those dynamics are VERY individualized and it would be ludicrous for me to get into them because we all have different needs with whom we choose to share our attention, love and our bed.

Giving you my particular needs and fetishes also serves no purpose for you who are reading this. It is up to you to determine what works within your encounters and relationships but everyone should be treated appropriately and accordingly WITH respect. Punishment is another vastly misused word. I hear all the time, "I have been a bad boy Daddy. I need to be punished." Since when does punishment involve getting your fetishes met? Punishment in sexual play is quite different from punishment for an infraction. However most times when it comes to gay men its a sexual fetish which has NOTHING to do with the realities of being punished. I usually stop them dead in their tracks when I tell them that, "you DONT want me to punish you because its not going to be pleasant. Punishment is not a mode for you to get off, boy." Theres no need for me to get into MY specifics because you need to find your own as the SIR. As for the boy..DONT ask for punishment because the worst punishment is when you are IGNORED!!!

Last but not least; LEARN LEARN LEARN. Never feel you know it all or let your ego get in the way of going forward. You will never know it all. NEVER!


In March 2008, I was given an honor that surpasses any title, any sash, any recognition that I have ever had in the Leather Community. I was bestowed the title of ""Mama's Buddhist boy"" by the honorable Sandy "MAMA" Reinhardt of San Franscisco, California. I am the 963rd member of her family and I wear that title with honor and pride. For those of you living under a rock that dont know who she is, I have enclosed the following link to her family website. Mamas Family Website







The last pic is a cartoon that was drawn by an artist who saw one of my profiles. From that came this cartoon without him ever having met me. I have been a BIG fan of his work with the gay community for years. I want to publically Thank Calvin for his efforts and creativity in making me a part of his unique collection. The link to his website can be found at the following: Calvins site

I have recently begun a new Leather group here in South Florida called The Leathertarians. Our motto is "Getting Back To Basics." This is a social/educational group of those individuals who are tired of the endless lists of contests; those who feel disinfranchised because they dont feel they fit in to other leather organizations, who dont/cant attend huge expensive leather events but who wish to bond with others who are interested in more than just getting off in 30 minutes and are given a sense of comradery. OUR group of men and women seek more than just the mechanics of sex without ANY intimacy or bond. Classes will be given on various topics, such as Dynamics within Leather Families, Bonding, Differences between sex/play, among many many others. Theres no need to teach you how to have sex and there are plenty of the standard how to flog, bootblack classes, piercings, fireplay, needles, canes, whips, etc out there. IF theres a need for this infotmation by those in the group we will of course pass that information and demonstrations on to you but WE want to impart information on HOW to SUSTAIN these special intimate bonds and relationships over time, what makes them last, why they often fail. IN past times, information was shared freely and willingly and we hope to do the same. We are not seeking to make a buck off the community. We want to give back to the community and to anyone interested IN learning about what the leather lifestyle actually IS/WAS and not what its disintegrated into; where we as a tribe come from and where we go from here!! A website has been recently created and we are in the early formative stages so as we grow the website will grow. Please take a moment of your time to visit the new website, located at:


I trust you have enjoyed my writings, ideas, thoughts and experiences...I look forward to hearing from many of you out there. Take a few moments of your time to write your comments.
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